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Gary Dubler Memorial Nature Trail

The Gary Dubler Memorial Nature Trail is a cooperative effort between the Cameron County School District, Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activity's, and the Cameron County Conservation District. The goal of the project is to provide school students a safe place along the Driftwood Branch of Sinnemahoning Creek. The project started with a river access and stairs constructed over the dike at the rear of the Woodland Elementary School.  A pavilion was constructed in late 2015, that is used as an outdoor classroom.  Eight environmental education and one historical interpretive sign were designed and installed in early 2017. The trail leads to the PicRic Dam Removal/ Restoration Project. In 2018, the restoration work will start, with the installation of fish habitat structures.  Upgrades to the the trail surface will also start in 2018. A long term goal is to expand the trail with a boardwalk through an adjoining wetland.

In addition to signage placed along the Gary Dubler Memorial Nature Trail, signage has also been placed along the West Creek Rails to Trails Project throughout Cameron County. Signs are mixture of environmental and historical interpretive signs. This cooperative project has been funding by grants from DEP, Headwater's RC&D, Sinnemahoning Stakeholders Committee, Mee Foundation, Lumber Heritage, and many generous private donations.

There have been many grant partners throughout the project, including: DEP, Headwaters RC&D: Sinnemahoning Watershd Grant Program, Mee Foundation, Lumber Heritage and many private donations. The Cameron County Conservation District has provided, inkind and cash match towards many of the projects. Don Bickford, at Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities, is an invaluable asset to the project. Many successes of this project, are do to his time and effort.

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