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The Cameron County Recycling Center is located in the town of Emporium, Pa at the intersection of East 6th Extension and Plank Road Hollow.  


Sunrise to sunset.

Contact Us

Tara Newton

Recycling Coordinator

20 East 5th Street

Emporium, Pa  15834 



All materials listed below can be dropped off by the ORANGE cones located under the pavilion.  Please DO NOT try to separate materials yourself.  


Recycling In School

Accepted Materials

The 2018-2019 school paper collections was a success!  Numbers are increasing each year, which means less paper is being taken to the landfill.  The District will once again work with Cameron County School District to continue paper collections for the 2019-2020 school year.  Watch the numbers along the way by following the table below.  


  • Cat Food Cans, Garbage, Construction Materials
  • Items NOT listed under Accepted Materials!

PAPER:  Copy paper, junk mail, magazines, glossy inserts, construction paper, shreded paper and cereal box like materials all accepted.

All materials must be kept dry and shreddings must be placed in a plastic bag.

GLASS:  Glass containers in color of brown, clear and green are all accepted.  Examples of these would be soda bottles, pickle jars and beer bottles.  

Its not necessary, but appreciated if all materials can be rinsed out.

ALUMINUM CANS:  Cans such as soda and beer cans are all accepted at the Cameron County Recycling Center.  

STEEL/TIN CANS:  Don't just throw that soup cans away, recycle them.  Steel/Tin cans such as vegetable and soup cans are accepted.  



CORRUGATED CARDBOARD:  Cardboard containing a zig zag like pattern are accepted at the Cameron County Recycling Center. 

Please remember to remove any metal clips that may be attached to the cardboard.

Stay up to date with current paper weights collected at the Cameron County School District.

2019 - 2020 School Recycling Collection

2019 School Collection Total Cameron County

If your looking for more information regarding our Recycling In School program, contact the Cameron County Conservation District for more details.

Recycling Technician

Update will be coming soon...

Updated Accepted Materials List1.pdf.jpg

Looking for a list of materials accepted at the Center, feel free to print this list off, or let us know and we will print one for you!

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